Scranton Dedicated Server Relocation - RegencyHost is pleased to announce that our brand new facility in Dunmore, PA is ready for the relocation of your current Dedicated Server(s). We would like to schedule the move on July 10th starting at 9AM EST.  This move will cause some downtime for each server while it is being relocated. The relocationwindow is set for 4-6 hours, however, approximately 2-3 hours is a good estimate as to actual downtime. The move will be performed in phases, and downtime will be kept to an absolute minimum. This move will NOT require any changes to your IP space or DNS. The typical relocation scenario for each server will include a graceful shutdown, physical move (only 3 miles away), cabinet installation, and then server boot. We will have additional personnel onsite to oversee the relocation process, as well as to help facilitate the transition as smoothly as possible.

The new facility is a high end, state of the art data center, at our same traditional low pricing. The new facility is only 3 miles away so your ping should have no changes.

RegencyHost thanks you for your understanding and patience during this necessary maintenance window, as well as for your continued business. Remember this only will be affecting Dedicated Servers hosted at the Scranton, PA location. If you have any questions feel free to open a support ticket to us we will be glad to help you.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

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