We have lift off!

RegencyHost.com is proud to celebrate the launch of our new website. Our new website is mobile friendly, easier to use, more secure and faster. Along with our new website we have added dozens of new products, slashed prices across the board and added more data center hosting locations. To celebrate this great accomplishment we have launched the new website super sale. Get up to 50% off select servers and products. To lean more visit the super sale page at https://www.regencyhost.com/clients/link.php?id=47
New Website Launch

New Website Super Sale!

New website super sale
After 3 months of planning and hard work we have finally finished and launch our new website. This website is not just any website but a website that is a joint effort between all of our departments and staff. This allowed us to build a site that contributed years of experience in web hosting and within our company to provide you the customer the best experience possible.

This new website is not just faster and flashier but we also have added several new products and formed contracts with some new data centers to get you the best service possible with as many options as possible. We also have adjusted several prices to be more competitive with today’s market and included and added some more new age options to our products such as solid state drives. We now have several locations all over the world. This allows you to pick the best location possible to get the best connectivity to your client base. With our new data center map you can view all of our locations to get an idea of the distance between your clients and your server as well as view the features each facility offers.

To celebrate the completion of this massive project we have launched one of the largest sales we have ever launched. Listed below you can view many prices slashed across the board. Just use the promo codes provided on any product and you get the discount applied to your invoice. If you’re unsure of what service you are looking for contact our sales department and will work with you to make sure you get exactly the service you are looking for.

Check out all of our super sale offers here:

Autumn Celebration Sale

Autumn Celebration Sale

It’s a beautiful time of year, the leaves are falling and so are our prices. RegencyHost is pleased to announce our Autumn Celebration Sale. We have slashed prices across the board. We have promotions for nearly all of our products ranging from shared cPanel hosting to Dedicated Servers.

– .99 Cents for your first 3 months on all of our cPanel shared web hosting plans!
– 10% Off Virtual Private Servers
– 50% Off Virtual Dedicated Servers
– 20% Off Dedicated Servers

View all of our Autumn Sale items at our specials page: http://www.regencyhost.com/clients/link.php?id=44
Don’t forget! We also take Bitcoin as a payment option! Don’t miss out on the RegencyHost Autumn Celebration Sale!

First month free on our most popular Budget Dedicated Servers

Get your first month free on our most popular Budget Dedicated Servers! These Budget Dedicated Servers are great for starting businesses and low resource needs. It has never been a better time to get a dedicated server. Offer valid while supplies last. For more information check our our specials page. https://www.regencyhost.com/specials

Pentium D 820 Dual Core (USE PROMO CODE: 1MDC28)

Pentium D 925 Dual Core (USE PROMO CODE: 1MDC30)

Xeon E6500 Dual Core (USE PROMO CODE: 1MX213)

RegencyHost expands location to Dallas, Texas!

RegencyHost is pleased to announce our new Dallas, Texas data center location. Now you can host your dedicated server in the great south central region. A great location to choose for equal response times and ping throughout the United States. Check out these amazing features:

– US South Central Region
– 24/7/365 Technical Support
– Extensive Private Peering
– Failsafe Power Generators
– Intel Powered Servers
– High Performance at a low price!

Get 25% off your first month! Click the link to learn more: http://www.regencyhost.com/dedicated-servers/dallas-tx-usa

Summer savings with slashed dedicated server prices!

Its summer and we have decided to lower dozens of our dedicated server prices, some by up to 50%. It has never been a better time to buy dedicated server hosting!

Check out some of these prices!
**Scranton, PA Location**
Pentium D 820 Dual Core – $61.95/mo
Core2Quad Q9300 Quad Core – $109.95/mo
Core i7 860 Quad Core – $145.95/mo
Click here to learn more

**Los Angeles, CA Location**
Xeon 3050 / E6500 Dual Core – $79.95/mo
Core i5-2400 Quad Core – $124.95/mo
Core i7-2600 Quad Core – $156.95/mo
Click here to learn more